Who We Are


Adi Liraz is an artist and curator, sometimes an activist and always a mother. She has a bachelor degree from the Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem, and a master’s degree: art in public context, from the art academy Berlin Weißensee. Liraz is based in Berlin. In her work, she often bridges private and public experiences, discourses and spaces. She reflects on her personal and collective identity, particularly on her role in society as a migrant and a woman. The aim of Adi´s work is to generate communication and critical exposure of hegemonic perceptions. For Adi being emotional is not a choice, it is part of who she is and is a main factor in her actions. adiliraz.com . Adi is a founding member of the NOMEN Collective.

Armeghan Taheri has a degree in human rights and international law. Prior to moving to Berlin she worked for several NGO’s on women’s rights, armed violence and indigenous land rights. Due to her own identity and experiences she seeks new ways that transform anger into political action, power and solidarity. Armeghan is a founding member of the NOMEN Collective.

Hannah Tzuberi has a PhD in Jewish Studies and works on what is known in academia as “rabbinic literature.” She lives with her family in Berlin, where she deals both practically and intellectually with issues concerning religion in a liberal, secular society. She also is a blogger: www.mandolinaforpresident.wordpress.com . Hannah is a founding member of the NOMEN Collective.

Sultan Doughan is pursuing a PhD in Anthropology. Based in Berlin for her fieldwork, she researches the cultivation of citizenship and belonging for Jewish and Muslim minorities in the field of political education. Sultan is particularly interested in how Muslim youth are shaped by European memory politics about the Holocaust in relation to the Jewish minorities in the past and present. Given her close engagement with her research subjects and field, people usually ask her if she was pursuing an academic or political project, and if she could be objective at all. For Sultan being political is not a decision it is an ethical obligation to act with others in order to create a mutually shared world. Sultan is a founding member of the NOMEN Collective.

Patricia Piberger is a social and cultural anthropologist and queer_feminist activist based in Berlin. She is interested in how academic and activist, public and private, emotional and political, virtual and non-virtual practices are and can be reciprocally shaped by each other. Due to personal experiences, the focus of her work is on the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, and nationality. Patricia is frequently accused of oversharing, of being too personal, too honest, too intense. She understands this behaviour which is commonly called oversharing as a radical political act and as a conscious decision to make herself vulnerable. She regards speaking and writing about personal struggles, damages, and weaknesses as a strategy to reshape what is perceived to be of relevance in specific situations as well as to open up possibilities for solidarity and alliance. Patricia is a member of the NOMEN Collective. 

Nahed Samour works on legal orders and contestations. She has a keen interest in constitutional law, administrative law, public international law and Islamic law. She is determined to engage with the problematic and productive sites of the law to achieve emancipation. Nahed is a member of the NOMEN Collective